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Last revised: January  10, 2013

James LeBreton has agreed to serve as the next editor at Organizational Research Methods.  

Kelly Scherer was awarded one of the Graduate School’s Bilsland Strategic Initiative Fellowships for the 2012-2013 academic year.

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James LeBreton will admit one new student  to begin working with him in the  Fall, 2013.

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Working  with James


My name is James LeBreton.  I am the director of the Personality Research Laboratory at Purdue University.  

In our lab we focus on the theory and measurement of the implicit personality, with a particular focus on toxic personality traits (e.g., aggression, psychopathy). We seek to improve our assessment of these traits and improve our understanding of how those traits are related to important behaviors in organizations (e.g., team processes and performance, negotiation strategies, destructive leadership, reactions to social exclusion, counterproductive behavior).

We are also involved in the development and application of new statistical procedures designed to improve the decisions made by organizational scholars. Our current projects involve 1) statistical techniques for determining the relative importance of predictors in multiple regression models, 2) the development and evaluation of statistics designed to measure interrater agreement and reliability, and 3) statistical techniques for analyzing longitudinal and multilevel data including dyadic models.