Our laboratory seeks to understand personal careers (e.g., job mobility), the individual's work experiences in employment (e.g., relationships with employer, supervisor, and coworkers), and how such work experiences are affected by personality.

As a group, our primary research interest lies in the role of personality and individual differences in explicating psychological phenomena and behavioral outcomes in various life contexts (e.g., employee effectiveness and well-being, career mobility, cross-cultural adaptation, withdrawal and attachment in employer-employee relationships, student success). In addition, we have emerging interests in understanding how interpersonal/social relations may affect well-being and effectiveness of individuals, teams, organizations, and beyond, as well as in advancing non-traditional or "newer" approaches to understanding various psychological phenomena (e.g., inductive research, Bayesian methods, person-centered approaches). We have a number of exciting research projects under way around these topics. Check out the rest of this website to find out more!

News from the Lab

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