Get Involved

Potential Collaborators

We welcome inquires about collaborative research opportunities from researchers and practitioners all around the world. Dr. Woo has been leading (and/or actively involved in) a number of collaborative projects across multiple academic institutions and business organizations in countries like United States, South Korea, Singapore, China, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Woo is planning to admit new students for the upcoming academic year (pending departmental approval). Please contact her if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Research Experience

If you are interested in gaining some hands-on research experience in the topic areas noted below, please email Dr. Woo a completed copy of the application along with your resume, research interests, and post-graduation plans. If accepted into the lab, you may sign up as a PSY 390: Research experience in Psychology (please refer to the Purdue Psychological Sciences Department website for more information). Also, there are other options available even if you are not eligible for PSY390; feel free to ask about them when contacting us.

Current Projects

We have a number of ongoing projects around the following topics:

  • Personality in the workplace (especially Openness to Experience)
  • Networking behavior and career outcomes
  • Voluntary turnover and other withdrawal behaviors
  • Employee engagement, satisfaction, and commitment
  • Job hopping tendency (or “hoboism")
  • Defining and assessing cross-cultural (and global) competence
  • Developing and validating situational judgment test items
  • Developing and validating biodata items