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Human Problem Solving: Difficult Optimization Tasks, Workshop



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Dates: June 12-14, 2005
Location: Lafayette Room, Purdue Memorial Union Bldg.

Combinatorial optimization problems - such as the well-known travelling salesperson problem - involve the search for an optimal solution in a collection of possible solutions. Typically, the number of possible solutions grows exponentially with the number of elements in the problem, so it is often not possible to find the optimal solution by brute-force computation. In recent years, experimental psychologists have demonstrated that humans have the ability to quickly find near-optimal solutions to some optimization problems. This is intriguing, as it suggests that the human brain implements quite efficient heuristics for optimization.

This workshop is the first ever meeting to bring together scientists to discuss human optimization ability. Delegates from the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Austria, representing six different academic disciplines, will meet at Purdue University. The workshop aims to be a forum for the open exchange of ideas and research findings and to develop a roadmap for the future of this novel and important area of research


You can find the Journal of Problem Solving at http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/jps/.

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