Developmental Psychopathology,

Psychopathy, and Personality Lab


Donald R. Lynam, Ph.D.
Dept. of Psychological Sciences
Purdue University
703 Third Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Tel: (765)496-9025
FAX: (765)496-2670


The DPPP lab consists of Dr. Lynam, his current and former graduate students, and colleagues (although they have their own labs). Current students include Karen Derefinko, Drew Miller, and David Vachon. Former students include Dr. Stephen Whiteside at the Mayo Clinic, Dr.Josh Miller at the University of Georgia, and Dr. Kate Flory at the University of South Carolina. Consistent collaborators (in addition to former students) include Dr. Tom Widiger, Dr. Rich Milich, and Dr. Greg Smith at the University of Kentucky.

Research in the DPPP lab investigates the contribution of individual differences to deviance (i.e., antisocial behavior, substance use, and risky sexual behavior) and psychopathology (i.e., psychopathy and other personality disorders) across the lifecourse. We focus primarily on the role of basic personality traits drawn from the Five Factor Model of personality. Our research attempts to identify the most relevant traits for each outcome, the developmental and static mechanisms by which these traits exert their effects on behavior, how social and developmental contexts modify the relations between these traits and behavior, and how these individual differences and the associated behaviors change or remain stable across time. In pursuing these interests, we draw on perspectives and methods from relatively diverse areas of study, including clinical psychology, personality psychology, developmental psychology, criminology, and sociology.

There are a few separable foci to this work: juvenile psychopathy, personality pathways to rash action, psychopathy from the perspective of the FFM, and using basic models of personality to understand disordered personality. Links to each area and associated assessments that we have developed in the course of the research appear below along with a copy of Dr. Lynam's vita.



Lynam's Curriculum Vita


Research on Juvenile Psychopathy


Research on Psychopathy and the FFM


Research on Personality Pathways to Impulsive Behavior (UPPS)


Research on DSM IV PDs and the FFM